| There is a soft drink

You are drinking from my blood
I am looking beyond graves and truth
Beyond old and youth
When those hands get stuck where they shouldn’t do 


They made me defeat 

No choice I am petrified with what they did
& now I blame it on me
They wouldn’t flee
So I stay with bleeding memories 
A skin that doesn’t speak
That won’t feel
That died because you decided to kill

If I were you I’d treat us better
We were late reckoners
Besides our bodies, you’ve concealed our wish for Bitter
For us to embrace long-life Terror
You put upon us with your twisted desires
We now need to live with your vices on our skin
I blame it on me 
I wasn’t strong enough when facing your sins|


Jon Kennedy – Bats in the Belfry

* No Commercial Purpose Intended*


l__artist Lara Fournier

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