Blinded Eyes On The Human Interaction

Relying on the principles and concepts of the French Théâtre de l’Absurde, this research attempts to embody the diverse communications and impacts on the self as entity. With the blindness and the reflection of mirrors as creation tools, Human Interaction digs into the sel(ves), travelling from the defining individual to the ineluctable Other.

The body is the jail of the mind, they said…

What if another way was taken,

What if the view was different,

What if I told you that birds in cage are struggling,

As thoughts in mind are beating.

Broken wings, fractured souls,

Some die for the feeling, some people need love.

Graceful loneliness for others. Reflection of the self.

The journey of the skin & the internal fight.

In the depth of a painful flesh

Remains only the infinite scar of a virgin body.

The body is the jail of the mind, they said…

Performed at the Central Saint Martins’ Platform Theatre in March 2018.

Premiered at Anya Linden Theatre in December 2018.


Elin Anderson, Joey Barton, Gabriel Ciulli, Adélie Lavail,

Llewelyn Lewis, Connor Scott


Forest Swords- Shrine Hale, r.roo – Kasanie, Trentemøller – The Very Last Resort, HÆLOS – Intro/Spectrum, Radiohead – 15 Step


Eliandro Monteiro


Mark Duffield


Cindy Fournier


The Self-Perception – The Primary Reflection

| And when I saw her
She vanished away like the flying angel of mine
Hunting the echoes of my burden

I was lost in her 
She was lost in me 
We were reflections |

The Confidence – The Second & Primary Social Reflection

| He knew I was someone else
Somewhere else

He kept holding my cold body in his arms
Didn’t mean to do no harm
Hold me tight
He did it all to spare me from the awful
And while he told me things that last all winters, that wound all scars, that save and kill
I knew I could not forget, nor forgive the infinite embrace that forever drills

He knew I was someone else
Somewhere else

But he kept holding
Half protecting 
Half destroying 
The anguish and the fear
Scarcely touching 
But utterly supporting
The feverish ashes of a blood that not once could bleed 
Not in the gaze of the one who can heal
Without understanding

I was falling into him
He was falling into me

We were broken mirrors|

The Expectations – The Third & Interactive Reflection

| Embracing the eternal absence
I stood there
Gazing at the Crowd 
Surrounded by the painful flesh
The Lost Memory

And as we all are demons
We all are angels
All Children of Despair

Soon I will leave 
The timeless Silence

I was their eyes
They were mine

We were expectations|

Design for Dance, March 2018, Platform Theatre – Central Saint Martins (UAL) London


Elin Anderson, Joey Barton, Gabriel Ciulli, Olivia Grassot, Adélie Lavail, Llewelyn Lewis, Freddie Middleton, Connor Scott & Julia Ueda


John Stanier, Bryce Dessner – Lou

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